Navigate the aging journey with confidence, minus the worry and stress.

Graceful Journey uses a hands-on approach in helping seniors and their families navigate the aging journey.

Graceful Journey offers care planning, care partner education and training, and end-of-life coaching services. 

I know families are vulnerable when a loved one is aging. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, confused and frustrated. I know the senior care services world well and can be your support system and your guide. If your loved one cannot manage alone and their self-care is unraveling, I can help you with the difficult decisions and find excellent care. I can increase your knowledge and awareness about care partnering, minimizing escalating behaviors and frustrations, and how to live your life without so much guilt and angst.

I serve clients in the metro Atlanta area, throughout Georgia, and nationwide through in-person visits, videoconferencing, and phone calls. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding your specific needs. Give us a call at 404-358-7752 or fill out my inquiry form to start a conversation.

Care Planning

I help clients create a care plan after the diagnosis of a terminal illness. Each plan is customized to fit the client’s needs and desires. I make sure to provide safety guidelines, hygiene regimens, and ways to maintain activities of daily living.

Care Partner Education & Training

Being a care partner for a loved one is often challenging, confusing, and exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. I can equip you with tools and techniques for care-giving and be an encouraging advocate alongside you and your loved one every step of the way.

End-of-Life Coaching

Let’s talk openly about end-of-life issues. I am a certified End-of-Life Coach: someone who is trained and experienced in noticing end-of-life transitions, non-verbal cues, and creating a safe and meaningful experience.

Meet Staci

As an Aging Navigator, I specialize in helping families and individuals to navigate the aging journey. I educate and empower my clients from the time of a terminal diagnosis until the end-of-life transition.

As Memory Care Director and a professional in the hospice industry, I learned first-hand the challenges families and individuals encounter during the aging process. I created different approaches to care management, care partner training and education, and the end-of-life journey.

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