Helping Couples Lead Meaningful Lives

As part of Graceful Journey, I offer to consult with my clients. I sit down over one or several conversations and guide families through a decision-making process, that will allow them to create the opportunities they want, in a time of vulnerability.

For example, Julie and Mark are 63 and 67, respectively. Recently Mark was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that is terminal. After trying to process the information they had just received. Julie and Mark take some time to grieve, cry, and to mourn. After several weeks of listening to doctors, having to make quick decisions, and feeling overwhelmed Julie, reaches out to me for some help. We agree I would meet them at their home. After the initial “get to know yous,” I begin to guide Julie and Mark through a series of questions and reflections. This experience allows them to see the opportunities in front of them. What do they want their journey to look like? How do they want it to feel? What type of support network do they have? What kind of memories do they want to make together? The questions continue, and the answers were mindful, inspiring, and filled with love.

My visit with Julie and Mark is a small example of how I help couples through this journey we call “life.”  I frequently meet with families, couples, and individuals that are facing a terminal illness and also recognize they want to continue to embrace life. Please find more information on my website at or email me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

With hugs and gratitude,