Joining the Journey

On Friday, I was granted the opportunity to join the journey of a lady I didn’t even know. As the universe would have it, Sally was walking up the street in thick blue hospital socks and a black and tan nightgown.  I was coming out of my house, headed towards the car, to run errands, with my husband and I noticed Sally looking a little displaced.  Using my PAC skills, I slowly approached her, remaining 6 feet away, and began a casual conversation. While we were talking, I tried to gather as much data as I could using my visual and auditory skills.

We chatted, it was a very friendly and lively conversation. Sally continued walking, and I got in the car and we drove to the top of the street. I  was in the car, and  I was having the biggest battle with myself!  I was literally screaming and pulling at my hair and my heart.  I made my husband stop the car and turn around.  I knew I could not leave this lady, that I really didn’t even know walking in the neighborhood, without clothes or shoes on.  My amygdala was in high gear and I knew she didn’t leave the house like this on purpose.

So I made Bruce turn around and drive back down the street until we found Sally aimlessly wandering up the hill.  Without hesitation, I got out of the car, said, “hello” again to Sally, and she greeted me like we were long lost, friends! I gently started walking in her direction, not to startle her, but to make sure she felt comfortable with me walking in her space. Two seconds passed and Sally says,” oh, you are going to walk with me?” I said, ” yes.” She was delighted, as a big smile enveloped over her face, like a little kid that just won a prize at the fair!  She told me, she was glad I was walking with her, and so we walked and talked for over an hour until we came to her house.

This week on my FaceBook page, Gracefuljourneyatl, I will be doing 2 short video segments about joining Sally’s journey and the adventures we shared. Check me out,   I look forward to sharing the journey with you.