I periodically offer classes on topics of interest to the caregiver. I offer classes and workshops on various days and times. Contact me here to get an alert when a new workshop is announced.

Understanding Dementia
These three workshops are based upon Teepa Snow and Positive Approach® to Care’s foundations and methods.

1. What is Dementia?
a. Understanding the truth behind a broken brain

2.  The 4 F’s in creating a positive environment for your loved one
a. Is your environment: Friendly, Functional, Forgiving, Familiar?

3. Are you a care partner or a care parent?
a. How to ease your frustration in communicating with a loved one.


Dealing with End-of-Life
Three workshops

1. Making Memories When You Think You Cannot
a. Life is meant to be lived

2. Feeling Empowered, Before You Work with Hospice
a. Creating a positive relationship with hospice

3. How to Say Goodbye When Someone You Love is Transitioning
a. Learn the key words and phrases our loved ones want to hear before they pass away.


Series for Caregivers

1. Care Partner Support Series – Based on the teaching of Teepa Snow and Positive Approach® to Care
a. A 5-week, support group, engages and educates care partners by teaching them new skills and ways to handle conflict

2. Six Pieces of the Puzzle – Based on the teaching of Teepa Snow and Positive Approach® to Care
a.  A 6-week class, that teaches 6 pieces of the caregiving puzzle. Learn the 3 pieces you can influence and the 3 you cannot.

3. Dealing with Dementia:  A Caregiver’s Guide – from the Rosalyn Carter Institute for Care Giving
a. A two- part series focused on learning to use a caregiver’s manual, to empower yourself and others, while being the best care partner you can be.


Support Groups:

All groups start at 2pm EST and last an hour

Link to meetings:     

1. Parkinson’s Care Partner Support Series
a. 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month

2. Individuals and Families with Parkinson’s Support Series
a. 4th Thursday of the month