The Magic of a Window

During this time of COVID-19, we ALL have had to make adjustments.  One of the adjustments I have had to make is not being able to physically visit and hug my clients. I KNOW many, many of you have also been restricted from seeing your family and friends that live in communities or independently It’s difficult, right?  Sometimes maddening, sad, or just not fair, especially knowing our loved ones benefit from our visits, hugs, and smiles.

I hope each of you have found creative ways to connect with your family and friends. Yesterday, I was grateful for that window, in the picture. That very window, with an opening at the top, allowed me to connect with my friend. I felt like a kid in a candy store! My heart was beaming and my face was smiling. I could hear her voice and see into her eyes. We had a very ” normal” conversation. I shared what was happening for me and she shared the same stories I have heard numerous times……. yes, it was normal and I was grateful.

I listened for the strength in her voice and the expressions on her face, she looked good. Regina, brought up the subject of the virus, as she is in mid-stages of dementia and has access to The Wall Street Journal and watches the news. She stated she wished they would find a cure for this virus. She is ready to get out!  We had a conversation about where she would go and she just said, “out”!  We talked about what has been difficult and what has been enjoyable.  Although many things Regina said, were contradictory to another, the couple of things she did say that was positive, they cook all your meals for you, the is food good and she gets eat all three meals with her neighbors, so overall she said, “things were good.”  These simple but important affirmations from Regina made me smile and feel so happy.  It is THIS simplicity of thought and gratitude, that makes me LOVE what I do!

Looking through the other side of the window, and seeing the view from Regina’s side, helped me to release my worries and anxieties about not being able to visit with her more often. I hope that you are also granted that opportunity to see the view from your loved’s side.

If you have questions about navigating the journey of eldercare,  please email me from my website.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Be Safe. Be Well. Be You.

Until next time,