Who Likes Presents?

I believe most of us like to receive gifts? They usually make us feel special, important and/or loved. When we think of presents, we usually think of traditional gifts wrapped in a box with pretty paper and hopefully a bow. Sometimes we are grateful to receive gifts in the form of flowers, balloons, or candy.  I am sure the word ” present ” conjures up a variety of ideas for all of us.

Today I would like to share a few gifts I highly encourage my clients to give their families. They are the following: Wills, Power of Attorney,  Advances Directive, and instructions for end of life. Wow!  Not what you are thinking????

Yes!  These are hard gifts to talk about and to give. No one actually likes to talk about the end of life, yet none of us are exempt from it. Let me ask, is it a gift for your for estate to be tied up in probate? Is it a gift for your loved ones to be fighting over your belongs?  Is it a gift for your loved ones, to lose communication with one another because YOU didn’t want to take a little time and do some planning?

The choice and decisions are totally up to you. You are in control of your own decisions. My responsibility is to help you start the conversation because these decisions are ever-evolving. Take time to ask yourself and think about, is my lack of planning worth creating tension within my family?

Adding joy to the journey